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Did you know you can get premium sports branding and traction without big league pricing?


It’s true! You don’t need a BIG budget to get the prestige of being a sports advertiser, you just need to know where to sponsor rugby and how to use rugby content in your marketing plan.

But, the problem is that 99.9% of business owners simply don’t know how to get into the sport of rugby!

They pick an event, quickly throw together a plan because they’re short on time, then try to make the most of it!

Yet, no one sees their sign, no one visits their website & the worst of all, no one buys! Resulting in wasted effort in not only spending budget, but the planning efforts.

Your marketing effort should be about generating long term promotional content if not, you’re missing the secret sauce to finally building your business prominence.

So, what is the big deal about rugby?

Find out the big deal.

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Create big rugby moments.

With specialized rugby industry experience, we combine creative ideas with practical experience.

We work with clients to align business goals with a broad spectrum of possibilities.

We implement and deliver programs to grassroots, regional and national levels.

Learn to manage, transform, distribute and monetize across more platforms, more formats, and more channels.


Early Adopters.

Professional Rugby Agency was founded in 2012.  That is 3 years before professionalism was announced in America.   We have been a forward thinking agency and continue to be involved in the progression of the professional era of rugby in America.



 Professional Rugby Agency offers one of the only portfolios of rugby players in the United States.

Our clients are exposed to the best career options and advice with a proactive marketing approach to their persona & celebrity.  We work to strike the perfect balance between player advocacy and player brand management.   Using in house publicity we develop and execute strategies for increasing the awareness of Professional Rugby Agency players and building the value of the player brand.