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A Strategy to Attract Sponsorship

Rugby Clubs and Competitions choosing to grow and improve in America’s professional era requires rethinking the rugby strategy, organization, capabilities, and culture.

We work to help clients identify where the opportunities are—or soon will be.

We use a proactive and practical 1 on 1 review to help define the business potential for our clients.

Our strategic 1 on 1 focuses on four areas:

Strategy—the vision and goals that are in place to meet the club aspirations for the short and long-term.

Culture—the mind-sets and behaviors critical to capture new opportunities.

Organization—the structure, processes, and talent supporting execution of the new strategy.

Capabilities—the skills, infrastructure, digital resources, and people to achieve the goals.

Armed with the results of our 1 on 1 review we can chart a course of action to use your website to adopt our findings as the quick and easy way to implement robust ideas.   View our showcase -> website. <-

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Create your big rugby moments.

With specialized rugby industry experience, we combine creative ideas with practical experience.

We work with clients to align business goals with a broad spectrum of possibilities.

We implement and deliver programs to the grassroots, regional and national levels.

Learn to manage, transform, distribute and monetize across more platforms, more formats, and more channels.


Early Adopters.

Professional Rugby Agency was founded in 2012.  That is 3 years before professionalism was announced in America.   We have been a forward thinking agency and continue to be involved in the progression of the professional era of rugby in America.



 Professional Rugby Agency offers one of the only portfolios of rugby players in the United States.

Our clients are exposed to the best career options and advice with a proactive marketing approach to their persona & celebrity.  We work to strike the perfect balance between player advocacy and player brand management.   Using in house publicity we develop and execute strategies for increasing the awareness of Professional Rugby Agency players and building the value of the player brand.