Rugby Clubs and Competitions choosing to grow and improve in America’s professional era requires rethinking the rugby strategy, organization, capabilities, and culture.

We work at the forefront of change in American rugby to help clients identify where the opportunities are—or soon will be. We use a proactive and practical approach to help define exploitable business potential for our clients.

Getting sponsorship to effectively work for you requires fresh thinking, expertise and knowledge that only Professional Rugby Agency can offer.

Our Founder | Pro Rugby Agent USA

Gregory Tanner – Greg brings personal attention and care to developing strategies for athletes careers, teams, and brands.  He works tirelessly to provide value to all of his clients at Professional Rugby Agency [PRA] and Pro Sport Agency.

As part of becoming the dominant position in the USA rugby game, Greg founded Professional Rugby Agency (PRA)  and Pro Sport Agency – and has become a Pro Rugby Agent one of the first in the United States.

As part of his study of rugby management at SMWW – he researched and wrote “The Business of Rugby”.

Greg has admirable working experience in the sports industry.  You will find excellent communication skills.   He has capability to work under pressure and has excellent negotiating skills.  You will find comfort with him representing  you with a smart professional appearance.

Greg is an experienced player and knows the player value essence which are critical skills when developing professional players.  He has tremendous knowledge of the sports and specifically rugby industries.

Angelo Tanner

Angelo is our COO. In that role he helps our team utilize technology to give our business a competitive edge as a digitally transformed company.  Our clients regularly seek Angelo’s insight, and experience for business initiatives and digital strategy.   Angelo has experience in technology, digital, and startup.  His passion is leveraging technology to create global competitive brands and businesses.

Angelo is the president of ACF Services & Rugby Catalyst where he advises businesses and enterprises.

Corey Woessner

Corey is our visual direction  and brand development guru.  He has extensive experience in package design, web design, print design, logo and identity development, typography, online marketing strategies, photography and illustration. Coreys expertise includes creating unique and innovative design concepts that provoke emotion and establish a connection between a business’s brand and it’s audience

Amy Angell

Amy is our resident photographer.  Amy strives to produce images that resonate with our clients.  She creates stories with her photos that both build brands and promote sports celebrities.   She covers action sports photography, creative sports portraiture.

A Pro Rugby Agent based in U.S.A.

While we offer the traditional athlete management practices, our perspective is different, our vision is that rugby players in America need further development of presence and mainstream publicity. Our clients are exposed to the best career options and advice with a proactive marketing approach to their persona & celebrity.