Sponsorship has been the fastest growing form of marketing for two decades.

Sponsorship provides a faultless delivery system with sponsors messaging right in the action.

Sponsorship can effectively raise brand awareness, cultivate and maintain key business relationships and build sales.  The key to success is proper sponsorship activation.

Sponsorship can allow you to focus on a niche audience without waste.

Professional Rugby Agency can help with sponsorship activation in the sport of rugby.

How Pro Rugby Agency can successfully activate your sponsorship:

1 )We execute on a proper budget for activation above and beyond the sponsorship rights fees.
A budget should be $1.50 for each $1.00 of rights fees.

2) Rely on Professional Rugby Agency for support to manage execution and activation. [Marketing, Promotion, PR, Social Media, Hospitality, Digital/Mobile Promotions]

3) We leverage your sponsorship through PR, Social Media, and Hospitality.

4) We create new assets and boost storytelling to allow for further discovery of your brand and values. Earn credit and gratitude for what you bring to the sponsorship not just recognition that you were there.

5) We help to maximize hospitality opportunities.

Professional Rugby Agency can help “unpack” the details of sponsorship activation.


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