Professional Rugby Agency was named the Agency of Record by Rugby Pro Brand today.. The new apparel company launched recentlty, is an American rugby lifestlye brand.

Professional Rugby Agency will manage relationships, digital campaigns and creative for the new company.

“We are thrilled to be the Agency of Record for this new company, we can make many introductions,  and execute on our creative abilities as an agency.”  Comments Alex Ferre,  of Professional Rugby Agency.

Marketing content automation and campaign marketing for Rugby Pro Brand will be organized and managed by Professional Rugby Agency.

Services of Professional Rugby Agency allow digital marketing customers to engage with Rugby Pro Brand through servicing and delivery of digital media.

Professional Rugby Agency will also control and manage data-driven marketing, e-commerce, marketing, social media marketing, direct marketing, and display advertising.

About Rugby Pro Brand
Rugby Pro Brand provides quality products, inspired by American rugby and rugby tradition, lifestyle, and sportsmanship.  Building on the values of the game of rugby and the American spirit, Rugby Pro wants to be a pure American influenced brand, that resemble the lifestyle of American rugby. Rugby Pro plans to show the passion, camaraderie, and sportsmanship of the American ruby tradition and style.

About Professional Rugby Agency

Professional Rugby Agency creates rugby brand conversations with players, clubs, leagues, and tournaments by developing high visibility, customized presentations and fan engagement approaches.
Our mission is the help to shape the American rugby strategy by introducing rugby’s competition, values, and demographics to the mainstream.  The values of rugby are: Tradition, Teamwork, Respect, Character, Sportsmanship, Enjoyment and Entertainment.